#Artwork: AnxieTea

I created anxieTEA to create awareness about mental health by showing some of the experiences that people have. The concept of tea has been used as a metaphor and it follows in each drawing. Tea is a companion for many people suffering from anxiety and depression which gave me the inspiration.
The aim of the series is to make the viewer empathise and/or relate to the experiences of struggling with one’s difficult mental health.
Drowning | Artwork by Ishleen Kaur
Trapped | Artwork by Ishleen Kaur
Overthinking | Artwork by Ishleen Kaur
Insomnia | Artwork by Ishleen Kaur
Ishleen Kaur

Ishleen Kaur is from Jaipur, Rajasthan. She is a design student in NIFT, Mumbai. She is an illustrator and loves doing concept-based artwork. She feels that mental health has been a neglected topic for quite a while now. It is time that we bring it in light and talk about it as much as possible.

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