Dangerous Hope

Art by Kunal Pandey

Hope, they say, is a dangerous thing, a trait of the naive is all it is
A lost fight is all it’ll ever lead you to, all you’ll end in is a world of pain and hate
Expectations breed disappointments, can’t that’s not partially true
But who says hope means raising your expectations?
Who says that the hopeful expect to see a perfect world?
Hope is knowing that you’ll be okay, that you’ll be fine, no matter what
It means that you will forever have a light in your soul, that’ll never die

The light doesn’t demand or expect anything
It just wants you to see yourself through
Through all the pain, angst, and hate you feel
Through all the sorrow, shame, guilt you carry

All hope breeds is a desire, a desire for a better day, a better chance, a better you
The best part of it? There’s an endless supply of hope in all of us
We fail to help ourselves with it, but it’s in abundance when we wanna share it away
Hope is when you see your friend, thousands of miles away, working for a better tomorrow back


Hope is when you fight your anxiety and get out of the bed

Hope for someone ready to give up is to live another day fighting all the demons in their head

Hope is strength
Hope is love
Hope is empathy

Now that I think of it, hope might be a dangerous thing after all,
I mean, think of it, what’s more powerful than love in this world, anyway?

This poem is written by Kunal Pandey. He is a 22-year-old from Hyderabad, who works the usual IT corporate job, but that’s no fun to talk about. He loves all forms of art and consumes content as quickly as he gulps down chips. He began creating very recently and cannot express the joy it brings to him to be able to express myself through art.

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