Dear 21-year-old self

Dear 21-year-old self,

To start off, I am so proud of you. I know time hasn’t treated you well, and you’re tired of standing tall; you are filled with remorse and pain like a heavyweight has been put on your chest. I know you have suffered much all these years, feeling worthless, depressed and are unable to fit in, and feel like there’s no escape route. It’s even harder to exit now because the dark tunnel you’ve been in for the past 9 years, gives you a homey feel.

Yet here I am, your 22-year-old future self, who is chanting the Patronus from the other side, trying to save you, saying its time you shed off your self-destructive personality and answer the alluring world’s calling. Oh, the wonders it sustains with exquisite beauty!

I know everything seems worthless at this point of time but trust me, you’ll love to try your hand at each doable thing. You’ll want to gain knowledge, be intellectual, study drama, about society, fashion, photography, and even gardening. The time may seem shorter to do everything, be a jack of all trades, but your eyes, they’ll have a gleam, looking curiously like a child looks at its newfound candy.

Art by Twinkle Rangnani

You’ll realize soon that the years you lived in self-hate, isolating, only assist you in growing further, uncover the blinds and dismiss the inhibitions. As the Bishop (who owned the candlesticks) said – ‘It is worth going out in the cold for the sake of the joy of coming in’ (the warmth). Likewise, this experience will only help you to see the world with different eyes, have a new insight on things and attend to the little bits and attach meaning to them.

So brace yourself, because you’re nearing the end of the tunnel. It may take a while to get adjusted, to get over the dark adaptation but you’ll love it here in the end. It’s better to look for answers and taste everything put on the plate, than sitting idle and hungry. I hope it sparked something in your mind (though I know already that it did).

Waiting for you at the brighter side,
Your one-year-old ‘new’ self

This letter is written by Twinkle Rangnani. She has a thing for pressed flowers, the smell of old books and handwritten letters. Self-care in up-gradation and truly believes in the power of Faith.

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