Drowning: I Wonder How Your Anxiety Looks Like

Bianca’s artwork resonates with some of the most common struggles that a lot of people have been facing during this quarantine. Check it out below and see what she has to say about them.

Bianca: I took this image of myself over three years ago when I was feeling very suffocated in the situations I was then in. Recently during quarantine, I found myself very anxious and lost so I thought I’d rework the image by visually juxtaposing my current emotions and the image.

Bianca: This artwork was just keeping in mind dysfunctional families and how difficult it is for many of us to be quarantined with such families for such long periods of time.

Artwork by Bianca Joseph

Bianca Joseph is an artist, a visual art graduate and she’s currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling Psychology in Bangalore. 

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