#GoKarunaGo: Mental Health Challenge Spreading Karuna In Times of Corona

The government of India announced a lockdown of 21 days starting March 25 to stop the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in our country. What we are currently facing as a world is unprecedented. The pandemic has hit the entire world and feeling anxious, stressed and troubled is only natural.

The constant news cycle, the feelings of near-dystopia and being quarantined in our homes is a lot to deal with. What has become even more difficult is to come out of this rut.



To help all of us cope with it, we have been posting one daily challenge #GoKarunaGo for our social media family. The virus outbreak is absurd, to say the least and honestly, none of us are prepared to deal with something like this. But we can change that. The daily challenge is meant to keep all of us engaged and our mental health in check during the lockdown.



What started off as a rather funny memeworthy video by certain politicians, yes we are talking about #GoKarunaGo, we have put a desi twist on it to spread Karuna (which roughly means compassion and kindness in Hindi) in the times of Corona.

We strongly urge you to share it with your families, friends and tag us in your posts/stories!!! Let us spread some Karuna in times of Corona. You can check out all our challenges here.

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