I Am Water: A Self-Portrait

I am sensitive, I am emotional and I cry. I cry when I feel sad. Most people would tell me that it makes me weak, even my own family. So for the longest time, I stopped feeling anything. I was not in touch with my emotions because I felt guilty of being weak. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel because people around me never allowed it. So obviously it took a toll on me. My emotions started taking over in bad ways. This painting represents my pain which I took along with me for many years. I had so much to say but I felt like I was getting choked by my own self.




This artwork has been created by Anushka Shrivastava. She is a self-taught artist and illustrator. She was one of those kids in school who only scored well in art because it allowed them to be who they were and express themselves Art for her is a portal to escape reality and yet it helps her to make sense of her emotions. You can find more by her on her Instagram profile here.

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  1. we are born into so called human race where people take pride in their strength.we all go through some sensitive situation where you feel as if you are the weakest person on earth but actually you are the strongest .Anushka for me you the strongest ,very caring , sometimes over sensitive . sometimes we must take things in a lighter note ….miles to go…
    situations will never leave us….challenges come an will come…draw your own line….laugh a lot …smile to anyone whether you know the person or not….for me it has worked…actually you get what you want in your life ….it comes back what you give to others….be positive n proud …love n respect your work.

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