One minute
you are a red-eyed mess,
crying your eyes out and sniffing.
The next minute you are out with your friends
trying to enjoy yourself,
laughing at everything they say.
You don’t know how to deal with emotions.
For you, they are alien
having avoided all these gut-wrenching emotions for so long,
you can’t fathom the fact that they have started seeking you now.
They find you on your happiest of days; emotional and mental best,
shattering you to bits and pieces.
Feeding on your fear,
leaving nothing but cold
soul-sucking sadness behind.
They are used to you running away from them now.
So they do nothing but wait for you to do what you always do.
They wait for you, to tire yourself and stop running.
And the moment you stop to fill your lungs,
they take their aim and shoot.
Like always.
They are aware that you don’t know what to do with them.
Are aware that you don’t know how to deal with them.
So you let them scare
break and shatter you.
Because surrender is the best form of defence known to you.

This poem is written by Yashasvii Sawal. She is a teenager who enjoys reading, writing and tries to voice her opinions for the good. You can read her poetry @daisiesandpoems on Instagram.

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