“Try to Distract!”

She felt her mind,
Like suction, kept consuming her strength & soul.
“Hello, Can we talk?” She defined,
“Oh, you’ll be fine!” They consoled.
Her heart thudded violently,
Threatening to break her ribs.
So, she reached out to them willingly.
“Why are you crying? Have some water.”
They unknowingly persuade the skills.
She could sense the whirling world,
Lying on the floor, curled.
“Hey, anyone up?” She typed,
“Just breathe & be happy” their answers hurled.
Her thoughts got morbid,
With just one craving act.
“I’m depressed” she roared,
People yelled, “No it’s all in your head, shut up & try to distract!”

This poem is written by Jasmine Minhas. She is pursuing a bachelors degree with her major in psychology. She wants to test her knowledge in practical applications to know how much she has learned & provide a space to people who are struggling.


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