Who am I?

On my first visit to my therapist, I was extremely anxious and nervous. I won’t waste your time by describing that place and how terrifying the sight of that was. But when I finally found the room, I knocked and went inside with no expectations whatsoever. I saw this really warm and welcoming person. She started a casual conversation by asking how old I am, how my day went etc. But then came the real question, she asked me to describe myself, and that was probably the most difficult question anyone had ever asked me! I fell silent for a moment then gathered my thoughts and tried to explain. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was very vague and in the end, I said: “I don’t know myself”. She said “it’s okay”, she took out a paper and wrote “I am _____?” and asked me to make five sentences at the end of every day starting with this.
As I made this, I was sincerely hoping that maybe this time, I’d get the answer. I still haven’t received the answer yet, but I know that I will. One day, for sure.
Artwork by Sana Saifi

This artwork is by Sana Saifi who is pursuing her graduation in Psychology from Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi.

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