Why Self Care is Important and What it Actually Means

Commonly used, and variably explained.
In recent times, since mental health awareness campaigns have taken the world by storm, a common term has been floating around the globe, imparting important teaching to one and all.

For as long as I can remember, I was always schooled to love myself before I can make room to love another or even to allow myself to be loved by another, emphasizing on the importance of self-care.

Growing up, I never truly delved deep enough into the world of “self-care” and often ignored what I was often told.

However, with time, I have come to realize the true essence of
self-love and care.

A common stereotype linked with self-care is an element of glamour and romanticisation. It’s often associated with spas, fancy face-masks and unnecessarily long showers, putting an emphasis on “treating yourself”.

However, that is a misconception. To care for your self means to give yourself the much needed and well-deserved gratitude and appreciation for all that you do and all that you are.

From cleaning a messy room to a heated debate with a co-worker, or a sorrowful goodbye to an old friend, to an unreasonably tight deadline; you are constantly pushing through the daily chores of life not realizing how mentally, emotionally and physically taxing it truly is.

Self-love and self-care mean to acknowledge those tiny little difficulties that you encounter, and just how gracefully you accept every challenge and never give up a fight.

Self-care means to tell yourself just how proud you are of yourself and how much you appreciate the persistent effort you put into daily life challenges and no matter the outcome, you continue to battle through the days.

Self-care means acceptance. It is easy, in the face of adversity, to recklessly blame another for the inconvenience caused, rather than holding oneself accountable for a mistake, we ourselves committed.

To accept and acknowledge our shortcomings means being true to ourselves and our relationships. It is something we expect from our relationships and people, so we must
try to live by it for ourselves.

Accept your flaws, your mistakes and the fact that you could possibly be hurting someone or have hurt someone. Accept the fact that you can have days where you falter and make a mistake, but don’t run away from yourself and your mistakes. Instead, embrace them and reflect on them to constantly try to be a better person.

To care for yourself means to remind yourself of all the things that are unique about you, things that make you who you are.

It means taking note of all the little things that define you and set you apart from a crowd. Self-care means giving yourself constant reassurance that there is no challenge in this world that is tougher than you are.

Self-care is a skill!
The skill of putting yourself first, respecting yourself,
acknowledging your imperfections and giving yourself the love
you truly deserve.

This article is written by Samira Bhayana. She is a student, mental health activist, and budding author! She believes in empowering the youth and using her voice for the right reasons. 

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